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6 Weeks to 3 Years

Parent and Baby classes provide some great opportunities for parents and their little ones. The Parent and Baby/Toddler classes should be fun, rewarding and personal time that parents get to bond and share with their loved ones.

As parents or adults we often forget how we learnt to swim early on, we assume at times we were all born being able to get back to the pool edge, climb out safely, that we were all happy under water blowing bubbles and were always able to float.

Kirby Swim promotes that you cannot "drown proof" any little ones, nothing is more important than supervision. In our baby and Toddler classes we aim to, through the parents, teach little swimmers how to do the little things we take for granted, these are essential safety skills that may one day save their life, such as; water confidence, turning back to the wall after jumping/falling in, kicking and swimming independently face in the water, floating, climbing out independently (including, teaching them how to look for the easiest way to climb out), kicking skills, paddle arm skills/independent swimming skills.

By the age of three with continuous swimming from 6 weeks, we aim to have all of 'our' toddlers happy and familiar in the water and with the skills to greatly increase their safety in and around the water. Gone are the days of starting swimming lessons at aged five, we have had plenty of 3 and 4 year old swimmers capable of swimming 5 or metres independently, some even with correct freestyle breathing.

Our programs are under constant review by our experienced Infant Aquatic Teaching Team. When we think there is a better way, or something we can improve we slowly introduce these advancements into our programs. Each level has a list of "must sees" and our instructors work with the parents to achieve these milestones and progressions.

 Learn To Swim (2.5 years plus)

Learning to swim is a very important life skill for all children to learn. As each child is different it is important that swimming lessons be flexible in their delivery so that every child has the opportunity to improve and acquire skills at their own pace. In comparison to other swim schools and swimming programs our learn-to-swim lessons at Kirby Swim have smaller class numbers, this helps kids to learn and practice more skills in every class, making the time spent in the pool as productive as possible. We also pride ourselves in trying to provide as many options possible to ensure all swimmers are grouped according to both age and ability.

Supervisors- At our busier programs we use "Deck Supervisors" whose role is make sure every swimmer in every class is getting the most of their lesson, as well as keep the parents informed about our programs and their child's progress. Parents should feel they can speak to our Deck Supervisors about any concerns or any queries.

Levels - You will notice we use names, instead of numbers for our levels. Kids love the names and we are all about the kids. We have eight levels in the Learn to Swim continuum. Over the ten years of running our program we have updated the skills sheets, drills and progression 4 times, all with the aim of making things better and progressing with the times. The amount of time spent in each level may change from child to child and we will work with all of our swimmers to ensure they master any skill hurdles they face as they journey through the continuum. Our teachers and Deck Supervisors will assess the swimmers continually and make changes when and where needed. We also have set weeks within our program that we offer the parent feedback sheets (outlining the skills that have been mastered), and assessment records.

Rewards – When your child progresses through our program we offer them a Kirby Swim arm band to celebrate their achievement. Each arm band for each level signifies that level and is a different colour.

Squad Program - fast and fit

 Being a safer swimmer is about being a stronger swimmer. Kirby Swim believes all swimmers should have the fitness and skills to be safe at the pool, the lake, the river and in the surf at the beach. Our marlin squad programs aim to provide the training to stronger, more efficient and have more technique endurance. We have three main levels of squad swimming; where we offer begin to measure the performance and improvement of the swimmers through skills, swim times and swimming distances. Not all of our swimmers will go on to be national level swimmers, but we aim to give them all the highest level of tuition to ensure they all become strong swimmers, the best they can be.

Elite Swimming Programs

Since 2009 our Perth based Elite Coaching Team has been taking swimmers to National and State Swimming Competitions. We have a full time Head Coach and a part-time Head Junior Development Coach that head our coaching team with the focus on elite level swimming. Under the Club banner of Westside Christ Church Aquatic Inc. our swimmers are striving for personal bests and national success. We have the belief and desire that we will soon have National representatives. The team of coaches and the club are investing time and money to the dreams of our next crop of swimming champions. We use both the Christ Church Grammar School, underwater filming equipment, mental skills sessions, and the use of the gym/dry land equipment, Pilates classes and Cycle classes to get the best out of swimmers.

A Junior Development Squad was introduced in 2011 aiming to fast track swimmers from as young as 8 years of age. Training mornings and working together with our other talented crop of junior swimmers the next generation in good hands!